MonkeyBoard DAB DAB+ FM board Programming API

API Functions



These API functions are compatible and applicable for Windows, Linux and LabView.  The default values upon powering up are - BBE all zero, volume zero, mono audio, headroom zero and PlayStatus stop.  Developers are required to set the default values to desired values upon first starting the application. NOTE: These functions have been wrapped with our own code, if you have directly bought modules from other source, these functions not work properly.

ClearDatabase, CloseRadioPort, DABAutoSearch, DABAutoSearchNoClear, GetApplicationType, GetBBEEQ, GetDABSignalQuality, GetDataRate, GetEnsembleName, GetFrequency, GetHeadroom, GetImage, GetPlayIndex, GetPlayMode, GetPlayStatus, GetPreset, GetProgramInfoGetProgramName, GetProgramText, GetProgramType, GetRTC, GetSamplingRate, GetServCompType, GetSignalStrength, GetStereo, GetStereoMode, GetTotalProgram, GetVolume, HardResetRadio, IsSysReady, MotQuery, MotReset, NextStream, OpenRadioPort, PlayStream, PrevStream, SetBBEEQ, SetHeadroom, SetPreset, SetStereoMode, SetVolume, StopStream, SyncRTC, VolumeMinus, VolumeMute, VolumePlus



These API were created from scratch by Sixth Logic to support the ease of programming for our DAB boards.  Although our boards use KeyStone’s module, the API were created differently and will act different from modules sourced directly from KeyStone Semiconductor.  An example is the power on sequence and the mute control. 

We received suggestions that this document confuses other KeyStone customers that are not using our board and should be only accessible by our customer.  We have now moved this document to customer access area.

DAB Programming API Customer Access

We apologise for any inconvenience.